There's nothing secret about our ingredients

That's why we we're proud to source our sustainable ingredients from these local farms:


Rettland Farm

Pastured Pork

Beau Ramsburg has been farming his whole life. He grew up on a dairy farm and expanded into pigs and poultry after he graduated from Penn State. Rettland’ pigs are pastured, living great lives outside, and they give us the gift of some amazing bacon, sausage and chorizo.


South Mountain Creamery

Eggs and Butter

Great tasting eggs and butter are an integral part of a good hash, and Tony and the Brusco family raise their chickens and cows the right way: free range and certified humanely raised.


Windy Knoll Farm

Certified Organic Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and serve as a great tasting, naturally sweet base to all of our hashes.

Sunny Ridge Farm


Beets are a great source of many vitamins and minerals. The beets from Sunny Ridge have a vibrant red color that can’t be beet!